Thursday, March 19, 2009

Parcel Area – Commas

The work around for commas in Parcel Area Labels has been around for quite a while. Dana had the first post or one of the first posts regarding adding commas to Parcel Labels and Being Civil posted their own version last month. So why am I having a post on it? Well both posts require you to have more than one style, in other words it will only work for a certain range for each style. In this post I’ll go over how with a few more expression we can incorporate the different styles into one.

The extra expressions that are needed are to control the height of the components of the label. I’m going to call mine HundredsSize, ThousandsSize and MillionsSize.

HundredsSize, makes the label size the correct size or makes the label component really small if it is larger than 1,000.


ThousandsSize checks to to see if the area is larger than 1000 and not larger than a million.


MillionsSize checks to see if the area label is larger than a million.


If you want to go into the billions you’ll have to add another expression for that and modify the MillionsSize to account for it.

Now make a text component in the label for Hundreds, Thousands and Millions. Set the text component size with the expressions made above.


So now the label will show the correct text component depending on the area of the parcel.

The parcel area label that I created for this post may be found here.

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Cyndy Davenport said...

This is great! I linked to your post through my blog.

Thanks for sharing!


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