Saturday, March 14, 2009

Distance Before Bearing, Never Been Wronger. Bearing before Distance, you’re in the clear

Some people are rather particular about their parcel/line labels. One example of this is wanting to always have the Bearing portion of a label before the Distance label, or vice-versa. They also want a gap between them or on either side of a direction arrow (so putting them in the same text component won't work). This doesn't always work as one would expect because the labels rotate to match the view. An example of this is in the image below. 


All of the labels above are of the same style and anchored to the direction arrow. As you can see the items on the left hand side are showing correctly and the ones on the right have them swapped. One way to achieve the labels being the same is to use a text component and set it's visibility to false and anchor the bearing and distance labels to it. The picture below shows the results that we are looking for.


So this is one way to get the bearing and distance label components to always be in the correct location. A sample drawing with the style may be found on this page. Use the link for the second drawing, the first one didn't work correctly when the view was twisted.

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Anonymous said...

Great post and thanks for the tips. Can't wait to try it out.


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