Friday, October 23, 2009

Alignment Length Report

Here’s a quick way to create a table of alignment lengths in a drawing. I’m starting with the code found here: 

The first thing to do is to change the object we are looking for to Alignments.


Then change all instances of oPipe to oAlignment using find and replace and change the variable type to an AeccAlignment.


Next delete some code we don’t need and change the titles of the cells to something we do.


Next populate the data we need.


No delete a bunch of things we don’t need.


No run the program, and select the Pipe sheet at the bottom of Excel and realize that the columns are reversed. Go back and modify the code to put the data in the correct columns.


And then go back and delete the code that creates the sheets we don’t need.


Now run it and the alignment information should be populated into Excel.

The code may be found on this page:


PACO said...

Which variables to report radius, delta, beg sta, end sta, direction?

Thank you

Christopher Fugitt said...

If you start typing in the VBA Editor the various options will show up. The oAlignment.StartSta and oAlignment.EndSta should give you two of them. The other ones should be similar. Note that you have to convert radians to degrees. You can find the code in the reports code that ships with Civil 3D to find that.


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