Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Copy Pspace to Mspace

Some commands in LDT haven’t brought over to Civil 3D. Often it’s because AutoCAD has commands that are up to the task. One of the commands is Copy Pspace to Mspace and vise-versa. We can modify the cui to get the same functionality (I think I didn’t actually try the command in LDD).

  1. First create a new command in the cui.
  2. Add the following to the command: ^C^C_copybase;0,0;\;pasteclip;0,0;chspace;p;;
  3. Add the command to a toolbar or ribbon.

Now you should have the same type of functionality you had in Land Desktop.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't CHSPACE do the same thing?

Lisa Pohlmeyer said...

2010, Home tab, Modify Panel, Change Space?

Christopher Fugitt said...

Kind of. This will also copy the object instead of just moving it.


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