Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Subscription Advantage Pack – Zone of Visual Influence

Another item in the Subscription Advantage Pack is a tool to get the Zone of Visual Influence. The Zone of Influence takes a point, a height at the point and a radius of vision extent to see if the object may be seen in the zone of visual influence (or something like that).

Zone of Visual Influence

In the above picture the colors indicate if the object can be seen entirely, partially or not at all. This tool would be useful in doing sitting studies for cell phone towers, windmills or other tall objects that some people find objectionable. 

1 comment:

Brian Hailey said...

This would have helped me out a ton a while back. I had a customer that needed to place a radio tower in an open pit mine. Where to place it so the majority of the mine could see it?


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