Monday, March 08, 2010

Copying Profile from Surface

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away (in Civil 3D 2008) you could easily copy profiles from surface by clicking on the Copy Profile button on the Profile Layout Tools bar. But the nefarious developers, well not really, of the New Hampshire decided to make things hard on the loyal users of Civil 3D 2010 by graying out the Copy Profile button.


“What are we to do?”, the users asked puzzling, "Is this a bug or feature?”

Off from the fair land of the Central Coast of California a shout out came “Fear not for there is another way!”

“For we can create a profile from surface, making sure to set the surface to be static or change an existing profile created from surface to be Static.”


Now the profile may be copied. The profile may even be set to dynamic after creation (though you loose the ability to copy the profile) and set back to static to copy the profile again. You may have close out of the Profile Layout Tools and then open it up again to get the copy button to be un-grayed out.

Copying the profile helps create a visual method to design by, by copying the profile it can be moved up or down  to show a minimum or maximum depth from a surface.

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