Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Autodesk University Not Even Unplugged

Took a detour from my vacation to go golfing with the EE golf outing on Monday and the AU Blogger's Social on Tuesday. I had a good time in the warm weather of Las Vegas golfing with Matt Kolberg and Dave Dixon. My golf game was horrible as usual, but Dave and Matt are decent golfers. At the AU Blogger's Social got to meet some fellow bloggers as well as some of the Autodesk marketing people. The marketing people where nice enough to arrange to get me a pass to go through the exhibit hall.

Before going to the exhibit hall I was able to sneak into the last part of the Civil 3D Beta Launch. I did sign a non-disclosure form so I can't divulge what I saw, but the features did look like it would be worth upgrading from Civil 3D 2008, the version I'm using at work, to 2010 when it comes out sometime next year. If you want to beta test it you can sign up for it at the website.

The exhibit hall had lots of exhibitors showing their products, but it seemed there was less giveaways this year. I only ended up with one t-shirt, a pack of gum and Playdoh from the Engineered Efficiency booth. The Engineered Efficiency booth had Rock Band set up and seemed to be popular with people standing around watching the action. I got to meet some of my coworkers from around the country. It was also interesting to get recognized this year by people. At the two previous AU's I attended I was more under the radar.

My short visit to AU is done for this year and now I'm headed onto Utah to enjoy the scenery.

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