Sunday, December 21, 2008

Congratulations Alexander

I'd like to congratulate my brother, Alexander, on officially becoming an Eagle Scout. I attended his Eagle Court of Honor yesterday to see him get the official recognition of the achievement which he completed EagleScout_4Ksome time ago. This wasn't my first Eagle Court of Honor I've attended, I attended my own in '92 and my other brother's in '94 along with numerous other individuals from Troop 675 in Irvine California, but this one definitely had the most Eagle Scouts sitting in the Eagle's Nest. There was 25 Eagle Scouts, including the three who where being recognized in attendance. Usually it's about five other Eagle Scouts.

I've always appreciated the achievement of becoming an Eagle Scout but don't think I recognized the magnitude of the achievement until yesterday.  I knew about 4% of scouts that join the Boy Scouts became Eagle Scouts and understood what it took to become an Eagle Scout, but I think Mike Rowe's letter (from Dirty Jobs fame) put the achievement in a different perspective for me. I think it shows how difficult achieving the award is and how it takes perseverance to follow through with it.


Brian Hailey said...

Pass along my congratulations to your brother for me. My brother and I are also Eagles. My boys are just now getting to be Scouting age (oldest is in first grade). I would really like it if they went all the way as well.

Unknown said...

What you had to say about being an Eagle Scout and your brother's becoming Eagle Scouts was very heart warming for a mother to read. I am so very proud of you and your brothers and sisters! If I do nothing else in my life, I know I have raised some wonderful human beings! Love, Mom


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