Monday, December 22, 2008

Miracle or Something Else

The current media coverage of the accident of Continental Flight 1404 is focusing on the statement of Assistant Denver Fire Chief Bill Davis' statement of "It was a miracle...that everybody survived the impact and fire." While all of the facts on how the accident occurred will not be known for quite a while while the NTSB investigates the incident, I think he, and the media, needs to give credit to the individuals that ensured that fatalities would be limited. How about mentioning the work Engineers did in designing safety features into the plane, or the flight attendants who instructed the passengers on how to exit the plane in an emergency and then hopefully assisting the passengers in exiting the plane in a safe manner. Or the firefighters who arrived and extinguished the fire in a quick manner, or the developers of the fire suppression system that enabled the fire to be extinguished in about 45 seconds. It seems to me the media focuses too much on sensationalist statements or on what went wrong rather than what goes right.

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