Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot Mix Asphalt Dikes–Caltrans A87B Types A,C,D,E,&F

Today Civil Reminders is announcing the release of a new Caltrans Hot Mix Asphalt Subassembly. The Subassembly released today is the Caltrans A87B Subassembly. The subassembly may be used to facilitateimage_thumb accurate designs based on the Caltrans Standard Plan. The subassembly utilizes the dimensions of the Standard Plan so you don’t have to type them in.

More information on the subassembly may be found on it’s help page and on the Civil Reminders Apps page.

Did you find your way here through Google and didn’t see the subassembly you were looking for? If so send me an email and we can discuss getting your subassembly added to the Civil Reminders Apps Store.

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