Monday, August 29, 2011

SAC-Combining Strings

Sometimes when building subassemblies you may want to use a conditional statement to determine what codes should be used. For instance I'm currently creating a subassembly to model both the curb and sidewalk as one subassembly. Now I don’t want to duplicate points, since more points means more work by Civil 3D, I want one point to be labeled with the correct point codes.


For this case if just the curb is to be built I want the point code to be “Back”; if there is sidewalk to go along with it I want the point codes to be “Back,Sidewalk_In”. To accomplish this task I use a “&” to join the string values.


Pt_SWIn is a defined variable with the Type of String. So now I’m able to have one point and assign the appropriate point codes. Make sure you utilize a Define Variable to combine the string, using this method in the Point Codes place will not work.

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