Monday, June 08, 2009

Grade to Target

Grade to Target isn’t an option when creating grading, but we can get the same result by manually drawing the feature lines for the grade to target affect. The first thing we need to do is draw, or extract, a feature line at the location where we want the target to be.


Next we need to draw two feature lines from the feature to the Target Feature Line.


Next we need to create infill in the area of the enclosed feature lines.


So that’s one way to Grade to a Target, it also has the extra benefit of not having to grade perpendicular from the feature, since we can easily move the feature line to what ever angle we want.



Wesley Ashworth said...

Why do you want to create a grading? why not just add the feature line to the surface? I've never really liked using grading objects. I create what I need and explode it, then add the 3d poly into the surface as a feature. I think I've missed something along the way related to using the gradings in conjunction with my FG surface

Christopher Fugitt said...

I use a combination of both. I usually don't explode the grading objects, I detach the surface and paste it into my design surface.


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