Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surface Subgrade Creator – Fixes

Below is a video of the surface created using the code as it is now. You can tell from the subgrade surface created that the subgrade doesn’t have a crisp boundary and additional TIN lines along the boundary are needed to show it crisply. (Press link to view video)

To fix this I’m going to move the creation of the subgrade surface to after the polylines are selected. This way I can add hide boundaries to the subgrade surface. This should allow a crisper boundary. Unfortunately it’s not a easy as it sounds. To this I had to add a Function to offset the polyline. First I passed the Handle and area of the polyline to the new Function. I then converted the Handle to an ObjectID, then used the ObjectID to get the polyline. To get the offset of the polyline I had to use the curves and offset the polyline. Not I’m not quite sure where the Curves comes in, but it allows you to do various operations on various objects.

I then have to see if the polyline was offset the correct direction. I choose to check by seeing if the area of the offseted polyline is larger than the original polyline. If it was then I created the polyline in ModelSpace and passed the ObjectID.


I then added code to add the offset polyline to the “FGSurface Subgrade” surface as hide boundaries.


So now running the code creates nice crisp edges, although because I used Hide boundaries I have gaps with not surface information. If I wanted the area filled I should change it from a polyline boundary to a 3DPolyline breakline, which should give the same result. (Press link to view video)

I get a fatal error when Civil 3D closes, so I need to fix that and add some more error catching to get the routine to work better.

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