Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Microsoft Word – Styles

Just like Civil 3D Microsoft Word has styles also. One of the benefits of using Styles in Word is having a uniform look throughout documents. Another benefit is being able to change how text looks like throughout the document in one shot instead of going through the document and having to select all of the text to modify. The screen shot below shows the styles name of the styles used in the document.


The Style Set above is called Modern, and comes with Word. You can easily change the style using the Change Styles button on the Ribbon. In the screenshot below I’m changing the style from Modern to Fancy.


It’s also easy to change the individual styles of the style set using the styles window. In the screen shot below I’m changing the Body Text 2 from double spaced to single spaced.


If I had more than one location, all of the Body Text 2 styles would be changed. Also note that the styles control the spacing between the different types of text. I find this easier than the double return option that I see in lots of Word documents from other sources.


While you are typing and you want the text to be a different style all you need to do is select the style from the Style Window or from the ribbon.


As a bonus you get to see a preview of what the text is going to look like as you hover over the Style in the ribbon.

So please use styles, it not only will improve your work life, but others who have to deal with your unruly formatted documents.

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Technogeekboy said...

Thanks for promoting the use of styles in Word! It's a powerful feature that many people just don't use (the Format Painter is the worst thing in Word!). If you're looking for more Word Tips check out:


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