Monday, October 12, 2009

Civil 3D 2010 Swap Parts Part II

In a previous post I introduced the ability to swap parts for pipe objects. It is also possible to swap structures. The structure of the code is almost exactly the same as the swapping pipes as shown below.


In the above case I’ve gone through and moved the code to I’ve also added coded to allow the user to select multiple pipes and structures and added a dialog box to have the user select the pipe and/or structure from a dialog box (most of the code is not shown), no more having to change pipes or structures one at a time.

This short video shows it in action:

If you want to try it on for size you may find the compiled project here:

Instructions on how to load it may be found here:


Justin Ralston said...


I have had a number of users ask if you can swap parts in profile view. It should be do able maybe something to add to your part swapping code.


Justin Ralston

Tarek Farah said...

Hi...I'd really like to have it working in civil 3d 2012, can you do this ? ... thanx!!!

Christopher Fugitt said...

It's in the Civil 3D Reminders Pack. Send me an email for a copy.

Anonymous said...

Is it working for 2015?

Christopher Fugitt said...

You'd have to take the code and compile it for Civil 3D 2015. It's also in the SincPac.


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