Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Subassembly Composer–Attachment Point

I’ve decided to post here instead of the Autodesk Wiki, at this point I’m not really seeing any benefit to posting information over there.

Due to the poor information contained in the Autodesk Wiki for Subassembly Composer I recently got a question on how to create an attachment point for the subassemblies created with Subassembly Composer.

The first step is to Define Enumeration. To do this go up to the View Menu and choose Define Enumeration. Create an Enum Group and then within that Enum Group create Enum Items. In this case I’ve created the InsertionPoint Enum Group containing the GutterEdge and BackOfCurb Enum items.


Now that you’ve created the Enum Group you can add an Input Parameter using the group created above. Please note that the Name of the parameter needs to be different then the Enum Group.


Now in your code you can use either a Decision or Switch to determine what attachment point needs to be used.


In the above code I’m specifying a point to go to.


Whit McCormack, P.E. said...


After you create the decision in SAC, are you rebuilding the geometry for the subassembly for each condition? I have a simple curb that I want to connect at the Edge of Gutter or the Back Of Curb and I just can't seem to get it to work. Suggestions?

Matt Kearney said...

I've been using a decision with a yes/no input, but I like the idea of the enumeration a lot more. As for recreating the geometry as Whit asked about, I've found that labeling the first point you create the same for the different decisions (both P1, as opposed to P1 and P2), but giving different offsets from the origin works to resolve this. From there, the second point can reference P1 regardless of where it starts.


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