Friday, April 10, 2009

Civil 3D 2010 - Offset Alignments

A new feature in C3D 2010 is offset alignments. You have a Centerline Alignment and then you are able to create offset alignments that are tied to the Centerline Alignment. This video goes over a quick way to create two offsets for an alignment. I’m still getting used to the Ribbon, so it takes me a little while to find where to create offset alignments. (The video’s don’t have sound)

So that worked well. But what can go wrong? Well if you create an offset alignment that isn’t mathematically possible you start having problems. In this next video I’ll undo the offsets and then create an offset that doesn’t work and show what shows up in Prospector. I’ll also move the centerline alignment to show that the offset alignment will follow the centerline alignment.

So as you can see from the video ???-???-??? shows up as the offset alignment’s name instead of the default name format. So what happens if you have your offsets and then decide that it needs to be wider and you go past the mathematically possible value? This video shows what happens.

From the video you can see that Civil 3D won’t allow you to exceed the mathematically possible offsets.


Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing any videos??

Christopher Fugitt said...

The video issue has been fixed.


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