Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pipe Rule Numbers

If you plan on doing your own pipe rules you may want to use a particular format that shows when you set a parameter for a rule in the C3DPiperules.xml file. I was unsuccessful in getting an official list from Autodesk, but here is what I deduced by going through each number. The numbers correspond to a format type in the edit feature settings and that is the precision/format is used when you see the rule.

1-5 Unitless?

6-7 Station?

8 Grade/Slope

9 Grade

10 Slope

11 Direction

12 Lat Long?

13 Lat Long?

14 Angle

15 ???

16 Distance

17 Dimension

18 Coordinate

19 Coordinate

20 Area

21 Elevation

22 Elevation

23 Dimension

24 Volume

25 Distance

26 Degrees

27-30 Unitless

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