Thursday, September 04, 2008

Create a Profile without a Surface

Lou over at Civil 3D for Beginners had a great post on Creating a Profile without a Surface, I thought I had a great idea on how to improve it. My initial thought didn't work out, it would have worked out for a small number of points, but with the number used in the example her way was better. She did forget one big issue of using the method. If you are using Civil 3D 2007 or 2008 you'll find that the quick profile calculates the length of the profile based on the 3DPolyline's actual length in 3d space and not the plan view length. So when you import the alignment and profile you'll notice that the profile is longer than the alignment which shouldn't be the case. The quick profile has been fixed in 2009 so the method should work just fine in the current version.

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Joe Bouza said...

Chritopher, great stuff! I checked out the vba for profile with out a surface. For now Lou's XML approach works for me. I'll be using for super imposing to base line & I don't have seriou grade or curvature to consider.

Thanks, Joe


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