Thursday, December 02, 2010

AutoCAD Civil 3D: Beyond the Back of Curb

Michael Farrell class, a frequent Swamp forum contributor.

Use Offset Assembly to get subassemblies to be normal to the offset alignment.

Rename the offset assemblies name to one that makes sense.

Key Points:

  1. Always stationed back to the baseline.
  2. After assigning it an alignment you need to assign it a profile.
  3. The offset assembly must have an alignment to follow.

If you use side ditches between the lots, use a block and then project to the surface, then into a profile view and then create a profile based on the location of the blocks in a profile view.

Use the match parameters (right click option when selecting a corridor) and apply them to the lots.

Conditional subassembly talk.

Not quite sure if I want to design a whole site with a corridor. I think pasted surfaces work better.

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