Thursday, December 02, 2010

Crossing Pipe Label

The C3DRLinkCrossingProfileViewLabel links a profile view label to a pipe object. When the crossing pipe moves, the profile view label will relocate to the specified location.

  1. To run the command enter C3DRLinkCrossingProfileViewLabel at the command line.
  2. Follow the prompts; select the pipe in a profile view.
  3. Then select a station elevation profile view label in the same view.
  4. Specify the location the label should be pinned to. Fixed offset will maintain a constant distance from the invert of the crossing pipe.
    1. image
  5. The label will then adjust to the location of the pipe.


Here’s a video:

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Todd Nochomson said...

I'm also using C3D2010, but that command says it's unknown. Is it a part of an add-on package or lisp/vba routine?

Christopher Fugitt said...

Yes, its an add on for a product I haven't released publicly.

Jim Haglund said...

Quit teasing us. When will it be available? Cost?



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