Thursday, December 09, 2010

C3D Reminders Pack 2011 – Free Version

I’ve finally updated the C3D Reminders Pack webpage to include the 2011 version of the program. I’ve periodically added to the pack, but haven’t added it to the page that comes up when the banner on this page is clicked.

This weekend I hope to put out a pay version of the C3D Reminders Pack which will include the C3DRLinkCrossingProfileViewLabel and C3DRLinkProfileViewLabeltoProfile commands. The commands provide a way to dynamically link profile view labels to a crossing pipe and a profile. That way you can label a crossing pipe or profile in a profile view and when the pipe or profile is moved the location of the profile view label will adjust accordingly. The cost of the Pack will be priced at an introductory price of  $100/seat.

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