Thursday, December 02, 2010

Parameter References

Today I attended Jordy Brouwers Autodesk University class called AutoCAD® Civil 3D® to the Limits and Beyond. For the most part I knew most of the topics discussed in the class sessions. One thing I didn’t know about is the Paramater References contained within the Assembly Properties. With the parameter references one is able to link one subassembly parameter to another. So when one changes the other subassemblies that reference will also update.

In this example I’m setting the LaneOutsideSuper – Right Subassembly as the controlling subassembly and then assigning the slope to the ShoulderExtendSubbaseRight.


And for the other lane subassemblies.

Then when I go in and modify the LaneOutsideSuper – Right’s slope it will adjust the other subassembly slopes without having to go and select each one. Here’s a video:

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the corridor slope build to work correctly. It may because the alignment had superelevation assigned to it and upgraded from an earlier version. But I did get the slope to work correctly. You can’t link a subassembly across assemblies. If you copy an assembly the parameter references logic carries over into the new subassembly. It appears that the data types need to be the same.

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